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Submission Guidelines

We seek two types of contribution:

  1. original research papers which present results of linguistic and computational linguistic analysis;
  2. experience papers which present issues such as educational needs, policy processes or practical applications.


Original Research Papers are expected to follow the usual academic requirements for research papers, i.e. up to 8 pages, excluding references which clearly present your research problem and goals, your approach to solutions, your experiments, results, original contributions, data used, related research, and so on.

Experience Papers are more of a practical and experiential nature so could, by definition, be of a different type from the standard conference paper.  This type of paper could be in many formats;  for example, authors might wish to report on their experiences in preparing teaching materials for learners at a given level (children, adults);  data collection efforts might include anectodal efforts, with successes and failures and (hopefully) lessons learned;  data annotation projects are also welcome.  Any project that involves revitalization and polysynthetic languages of any type will be welcome.  This differentiates this workshop from standard computational linguistic pure research-oriented workshops.


Submit papers by the end of the deadline day via our softconf submission site; the timezone is UTC-12.

Please address any questions to BOTH (in case one is traveling): judith.klavans@gmail.com and stephen.a.larocca.civ@mail.mil

Please follow the COLING formatting guidelines for all papers. Download the Word and LaTeX templates here: coling2018.zip

Important:  Submitters will be asked to clearly label their papers as either type (1) or (2) or both (1) and (2) which will then drive the selection of reviewers.  This will ensure that all papers are reviewed fairly.


Workshop Proceedings: https://aclanthology.info/events/ws-2018#W18-48