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Application: Guatemala Summer Field School

Thank you for your interest in our 2019 Guatemala Summer Field School. You may use this form to apply for either of our two programs:

  • Three-week Kaqchikel Language and Community Development Experience. Patzún, June 22nd - July 14th. $2350
  • Four-week K'iche' Language School and Field Research Program. Nahualá, July 6th - August 4th. $2700

The programs are described in more detail here. Programs are administered by the University of Maryland's Language Science Center in partnership with the NGO Wuqu' Kawoq / Maya Health Alliance.

There may be an option for students to participate ONLY in the 2 week K'iche' language school in Nahualá, and the standard cost for the 2 week program is $1600. However, there are a limited number of places for the 2-week-only option, and priority will be given to NGO workers and interns with Wuqu' Kawoq. We hope to offer reduced program fees to certain groups of participants, including NGO workers/volunteers, Guatemalan residents, and participants who are entirely self-funded.

Applications are due by March 11th. Please contact the Language Science Center at lsc@umd.edu if you have questions of are unable to meet this deadline for any reason.

If you're not sure you will finish the application in one sitting, it may be helpful to save long answers in a separate text editor to avoid loss of progress. (If you are a UMD student and already have a user account on the LSC website you may save your progress.)

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If you are interested in a specific area for the community development internship (e.g. healthcare, nutrition, business, language technology), please describe your interests, skills and ideas. If you are applying for the mentored research program, describe the kind of research you hope to do. This is not a commitment to any particular topic but allows us to gauge participant interests.
If you are interested in a particular aspect of the field school or Mayan communities, or if you have future plans that make the field school particularly valuable, let us know!

Please read the following program requirements and select each one to indicate your agreement. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of these items, please email lsc@umd.edu. If you accept an offer to participate in this program, you will: