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Congratulations to PULSAR Spring 2020 graduates!

Among the many UMD students graduating remotely this Spring, we congratulate several outstanding PULSAR students. Between them, they have completed a variety of majors, minors, research projects, outreach activities, and internships. And though we can't congratulate them in person, their presence has been felt and will be missed in PULSAR and in their many contributions to Language Science at UMD.

We acknowledge their hard work, as well as the work and support of their faculty and graduate student mentors, and we look forward to hearing about the exciting things they go on to do in future!

Elizabeth Beers (Computer Science) also completed a Linguistics minor and has been working with Dr. Hernisa Kacorri (iSchool), researching captioning methods for videos in American Sign Language.
Sarah Elazar (Hearing and Speech Sciences) has been part of both speech and audiology research, and presented a poster at the ASHA convention about her research with Julianne Garbarino and Dr. Nan Ratner on parental input to children with late language emergence.
Emily Gong (Computer Science) has been a research assistant at the Army Research Lab and also worked on NLP projects with Alion Science and Technology. Emily will be staying at UMD for one more year to complete her master’s degree in CS, having been admitted to the program while an undergraduate. She was also the winner of the first ever Language Science Game Show (left)!
Abigail Kameny (Linguistics) has been a research assistant with the Project on Children's Language Learning, and has also been very active in language science outreach. She'll be continuing at UMD next year to complete the TESOL MCERT program in the College of Education.

Veronica Yevsukov (Neurobiology & Russian) has been a research assistant in the Hearing Brain lab (HESP) since 2017, working with Dr. Samira Anderson. She has been accepted to graduate programs in physical therapy.









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