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The lessons and limits of predicting shooting victimization


Commonsense Intelligence: Cracking the Longstanding Challenge in AI


Causal machine learning and challenges in decision-making with real-world data


Defeasible Inference in Natural Language


Challenges and Opportunities in Evaluating Progress in NLP

Abstract: The past few years have seen remarkable advances in NLP, as evidenced both by continued and rapid gains on benchmark tasks, as well as by the increasing prominence of real NLP systems in the wild.  In assessing such progress, however, it is important to ask not only what system achieves the best performance, but how it achieves that level of performance, how much we can trust the evaluation, and what the consequences of deploying such a system might be.


A Typology of Ethical Risks in Language Technology with an Eye Towards Where Transparent Documentation Can Help

Learning to summarize medical evidence


Promoting Pro-social Behavior with End-to-End Data Science

Fine-Grained Arabic Dialect Identification


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