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Join us for lunch to celebrate Juan Uriagereka and the publication of Language, Syntax, and the Natural Sciences in his honor.


Elizabeth Johnson (Psychology, University of Toronto)

She says tah-may-to but he says tah-mah-to: how children cope with accent variation

Title: Prediction in the Processing of Repair Disfluencies

The Maryland Language Science Center, and the LSC Director Colin Phillips, were spotlighted in Johns Hopkins' Imagine magazine (May/June 2018 Issue) in a piece titled, "Discover Linguistics."


Language Science Center faculty -  Philip Resnik (Linguistics, UMIACS), Marine Carpuat (Computer Science, UMIACS), and Hal Daume (Computer Science, UMIACS) - join Douglas Oard (iSchool) on a four-year $14.4M Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) grant.

TitleVerb learning and event representations in infancy

Tyler Knowlton (LING)

Title: Specifying Quantifier Meanings


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