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Stephanie Shih (Assistant Professor of Linguistics, USC)

Lexically-conditioned phonology in probabilistic grammar


Mental Health as an NLP Problem


Using Computational Linguistics to Investigate Multiword Expressions at the Brain Level


Roumyana Pancheva (Professor of Linguistics and Slavic Languages and Literatures, USC Dornsife)

Numerals and Number Features


Variation and learnability in constraints on wh-movement

Join us for lunch to celebrate Juan Uriagereka and the publication of Language, Syntax, and the Natural Sciences in his honor.


Elizabeth Johnson (Psychology, University of Toronto)

She says tah-may-to but he says tah-mah-to: how children cope with accent variation

Title: Prediction in the Processing of Repair Disfluencies

The Maryland Language Science Center, and the LSC Director Colin Phillips, were spotlighted in Johns Hopkins' Imagine magazine (May/June 2018 Issue) in a piece titled, "Discover Linguistics."



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