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Modeling children's acquisition of speech acts and clause types

This project investigates how children come to associate clause types with their canonical function, and in particular, interrogatives to questions. We examined speech acts and clause types in speech to children. I will first report some of the results from our corpus study, and then discuss our plans to model the learning process computationally, and how we are going to use Robustly-optimized BERT approach (RoBERTa) to assist the annotation process.


Coarticulation, compensation, and language change


The role of early experiences on the neurobiology of language and literacy development

Kristin Lagattuta (Psychology, UC Davis).

Title: Developing a Life History Theory of Mind: Awareness that the Mind Learns from the Past to Imagine the Future

Endless Possibilities: The Development of Possibility and Necessity in Cognition, Language, and Society
Invited speakers:


Meaning Through the Ages


Zoe Ovans (NACS/HESP)

Rely on what’s reliable: Effects of cognitive-control engagement on children’s sentence comprehension 


Darko Odic (Psychology, University of British Columbia)

Breaking the ATOM: Exploring the relationship between number, time, and space perception

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