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Language Science Lunch Talks


A recording of this LSLT is now available here.


What Translanguaging Can Tell Us About Bilingual Language Control: Evidence from Spontaneous Codeswitching

Join us for a panel discussion with researchers who transitioned their lab-based research online over the summer.

Arynn Byrd (HESP) is using a web app to remotely administer a sentence-picture matching task with children. The goal of the study is to evaluate if there are differences in how children who speak different dialects use verb knowledge to disambiguate the sentence. Her web app displays pictures, plays audio, and gathers reaction times and accuracy using the child's tablet.

This semester we're taking a break from the usual Language Science Lunch Talks to reimagine what we can do with this weekly opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion. We want to create an environment where all members of our community feel comfortable expressing ideas, learning to communicate with people from different discpiplines, and maintaining relationships with peers from other departments. We recognize that the traditional academic talk format may not be the best way to achieve these goals.


Julianne Garbarino (HESP): How do disfluencies relate to early grammatical errors?

Abstract: Children usually begin to stutter between ages 2.5 and 3.5-- a period when their expressive language includes many errors when compared to adult models. This talk will explore the relationship between grammatical errors in children's early language and the production of stuttering-like and non-stuttered disfluencies.



Syntactic vs. lexical effects in fMRI and MEG


Neural Mechanisms underlying Segregation in the Ferret Cocktail Party


Non-actional passives can be comprehended by 4-year olds

(Rescheduled from April 16.)

Online: https://umd.zoom.us/j/95049491821
Meeting ID: 950 4949 1821

Engaging cognitive control helps children ignore unreliable sentence processing cues


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