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Food and ideas bring people together.  Our weekly lunch talk series provides students and faculty with the opportunity to present their in-progress work to a supportive, interdisciplinary audience.

The Department of Second Language Acquisition is pleased to announce Yuichi Suzuki’s dissertation defense on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 1:30 pm in JMZ 1109.  His project is entitled: Using New Measures of Implicit L2 Knowledge to study the Interface of Explicit and Implicit Knowledge.”

The Dissertation Committee Members are:

Dr. Robert DeKeyser (Chair & SLA); Dr. Steve Ross (SLA); Dr. Nan Jiang (SLA); Dr. Yi Ting Huang (BSOS); Dr. Jeff MacSwan (Dean’s Representative & EDUC)

Neural Representations of Continuous Speech in Auditory Cortex

"United States History for Engaged Reading (USHER): A Content-Area Literacy Intervention in Social Studies"

Scales & Hierarchies as a Window into the Domain-Specificity Question

This talk proposes a connection between the findings from the cross-linguistic research on restructuring, in particular the diversity of domain transparency for operations such as clitic climbing and scrambling, and various puzzles related to the domain of quantifier raising (QR). Based on the distribution of restructuring in a wide range of languages, I first present new evidence for a Grohmann’sche organization of clauses into three domains.


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