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1. Tom Wagner: Second language aptitude and language categorization

2. Beth Mackey: Aptitude as a predictor of individual differences in language proficiency growth    

1. Susan Benson: Focus on meaning and form in second-language vocabulary learning

2. Kyoko Kobayashi Hillman: Needs analysis and development of a TBLT module for US foreign service officers

1. Ilina Stojanovska: Input frequency and intensity of exposure in the incidental learning of L2 collocations

2. Jiyong Lee: Recasts and target structure salience

1. Sunhee Kim: Do bilinguals activate orthographically different languages in a single language task? (Practice conference presentation)

2. Payman Vafaee: Re-examining the role of explicit information in Processing Instruction: Bridging a methodological gap (Qualifying paper defense)

Language aptitude and implicit learning ability in longitudinal associative learning

Neural correlates of auditory processing disorders in children

Auditory Processing Disorders in the Traumatic Brain Injured and Blast-Exposed Patient

Exploring socioeconomic differences in syntactic development through processing


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