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Fine-Grained Arabic Dialect Identification

Lunch available at noon, talk begins promptly at 12:15.

Shameka Stanford (School of Communications, Howard University)

Eleven years old, a clean slate and rose colored lenses: The impact of language impairments on juvenile justice

Lunch available at noon, talk begins promptly at 12:15.

Marina Bedny (Psychological and Brain Science, Johns Hopkins University)

Contributions of experience to the mind and brain: insights from studies of language in blindness


Dr. Bevil Conway (National Institute of Health, Neuroscientist in the Sensation, Cognition and Action section)

Color as a tool for understanding how brains/minds work


MATERIALizing Cross-Language Information Retrieval

Abstract TBA


Evaluating Conversational Agents


Smart Mobile Apps for Wellbeing: Challenges and Opportunities


Dr. Michael Reiser (Senior Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus)

Connecting vision to behavior in Drosophila 


Designing at the intersection of HCI and AI: Misinformation and Crowdsourced Annotation


Computer-Mediated Communication in Multilingual Teams


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