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Lunch served at 12:15, talk starts at 12:30.

Patrick Plummer, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Howard University

The Effects of Word Frequency and Contextual Diversity on Word Recognition During Reading

Lunch served at 12:15, talk starts at 12:30.

How many grammars of Accusative-and-Infinitive constructions can we prove there to be in English?

Lunch served by 12:15, talk starts at 12:30.

Zara Harmon (Postdoc, LING/UMIACS)

Morphological Productivity: what do we learn from comprehension and production?

Abstract TBA.

THIS TALK HAS BEEN CANCELED due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Hyo Gweon (Psychology, Stanford)

Title: Social Curiosity and Social Learning

Kristin Lagattuta (Psychology, UC Davis).

Title: Developing a Life History Theory of Mind: Awareness that the Mind Learns from the Past to Imagine the Future

Edward Vogel (Psychology, University of Chicago)

Title: The impact of distraction on working memory


Ryan Bochnak (Universität Konstanz)

Title and abstract TBA.


Stephanie Shih (Assistant Professor of Linguistics, USC)

Lexically-conditioned phonology in probabilistic grammar

Sabine Doebel (George Mason University, Dept of Applied Developmental Psychology)
Rethinking Executive Function Development

Abstract TBA.

DevSci Colloquium series organizers, Spring 2020: Natasha Cabrera, Allan Wigfield, and Jacquelyn Glidden.


Peter Steiner (HDQM)

Ways out of the replication crisis


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