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Integrating numeracy and literacy: A family picture book intervention for building early numeracy skills


"Think before you speak": Language Generation with Planning

**Please note that the time differs from the regular meeting time**

How children are and aren’t like adults when it comes to interpreting pronouns: A developmental modeling investigation


Resolved: It is “alarming for both scientific and ethical reasons” to encourage talking with young children in non-Western societies.  Really??


Does Talking to Children Matter? A New Look at Past Work


Re-Building a Foundation for Reimagined Futurities in Dual-Language Education


“Technically an EL”: Race, Language and the Construction of Deficiency


Towards Human-Centered AI: Understanding Human Production and Consumption of Explanations


Cortical Neuroplasticity and Re-organization in Hearing Loss: Effects of Treatment with Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids


Guarding Against Spurious Correlations in Natural Language Understanding


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