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Dr. Bevil Conway (National Institute of Health, Neuroscientist in the Sensation, Cognition and Action section)

Color as a tool for understanding how brains/minds work


MATERIALizing Cross-Language Information Retrieval

Abstract TBA


Evaluating Conversational Agents


Smart Mobile Apps for Wellbeing: Challenges and Opportunities


Dr. Michael Reiser (Senior Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus)

Connecting vision to behavior in Drosophila 


Designing at the intersection of HCI and AI: Misinformation and Crowdsourced Annotation


Computer-Mediated Communication in Multilingual Teams


Mental Health as an NLP Problem


Dr. Dina Lipkind (Department of Biology, City University of New York, York College)

The challenges of learning complex behavioral sequences – lessons from songbirds


Corticostriatal computations in learning and decision making


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