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NRT Summer Camps: Interdisciplinary Research Incubators


Do you have an interdisciplinary research initiative that you would like to develop? Would you like to bring together colleagues from UMD and other institutions? The Maryland Language Science Center (LSC) solicits proposals for the first annual “Summer Camp”, an intensive research workshop funded in part by our NRT grant, “Flexibility in Language Processes and Technology: Human- and Global-Scale”.

The goal of Summer Camp is to assemble a team of researchers from multiple fields to address a complex research problem in language science. The workshop is intended as an interdisciplinary research incubator: an opportunity to transform groups of researchers with overlapping interests into functioning research teams who can turn ideas into action.

Participants are expected to commit to focus and collaborate on the problem full-time for the duration of the summer workshop. In order to allow time for in depth work, the workshop should be at least one week long, but could last as long as four weeks. The team should continue to implement planned research projects for at least one year afterwards. Researchers from other universities can be brought in for all or part of the workshop to contribute needed expertise.

Support offered by LSC:

  • Funding for up to three visiting faculty members, including travel, accommodations, subsistence, and honorarium.
  • Funding for up to four visiting students, including travel, accommodations, and subsistence.
  • Up to $4500 for research expenses (e.g. materials and supplies, participant payments) incurred during the workshop or from projects initiated during the workshop.
  • Limited funding for meals during the workshop.
  • Shared office space in the Language Science Center for visiting faculty and students.
  • Group meeting space in the Language Science Center.
  • Administrative support for workshop organization and during the event itself.


Team must include at least two faculty members and four PhD students from UMD. Team members cannot all be based in the same department. Not all team members have to be language scientists, but at least one student participant should be a Language Science Fellow or Apprentice. The research focus must relate in some way to the theme of the NRT grant.


Email Shevaun Lewis (shevaun@umd.edu) to express your intent to apply by Friday, December 15. Full proposals are due by Friday, January 12.

We are happy to discuss ideas or provide preliminary feedback before the submission deadline. Please contact Shevaun Lewis and/or Colin Phillips (colin@umd.edu).


Please combine the following into a single PDF document and email to Shevaun Lewis (shevaun@umd.edu).

  1. Research proposal (up to 1 page)
    Explain the research questions the team aims to address. Why is an interdisciplinary approach necessary? What do different disciplines contribute to the problem? How does the research relate to the theme of the NRT grant?
  2. Team (up to 1 page)
    List faculty and student participants from UMD, and explain the group’s experience working together so far, if any. (Has there been a seminar on this topic? A reading group?) If the group has not worked together before, explain the rationale for choosing these participants. List external invitees (if any), and explain the nature and necessity of their potential contributions.
  3. Strategy (up to 1 page)
    How will the workshop enable the team to initiate and implement collaborative research projects? Outline a possible schedule of workshop activities. What research products are expected by the end of the workshop, 6 months later, and a year later? How will the team ensure that the work continues after the end of the workshop? What leadership or organizational structure already exists within the team, and what will need to be created?
  4. Contacts
    Provide contact information for one faculty member and one student responsible for continued correspondence about the proposal.