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Resources for Graduate Training Programs

This page is intended to be a starting point for information about Maryland's innovative graduate training programs in language science, which include an NSF-IGERT training program (2008-2014) and an NSF-NRT program (which began in 2015 and is scheduled to run until 2020).

Useful materials for prospective NRT programs:

We have made a practice of posting proposals, assessment and other materials from our NSF-funded programs publicly as a resource for program participants and for others exploring new models of graduate training and preparing training grant applications. Our NRT and IGERT proposals, annual reports, reviews, and pre-award clarifications are all available online.

Research teams who are planning to submit an NRT proposal can use the reviews and further questions documents to gain a sense of the training elements that are emphasized in NSF's NRT program. Some of these emphases are different than in NSF's previous interdisciplinary training programs. 

An overview with specific suggestions for teams looking to build similar programs can be found in a blog post by IGERT and NRT PI Colin Phillips, "Developing and funding interdisciplinary programs".

Useful materials for current NRT programs:

In May 2016 our center organized two NSF-sponsored events focusing on innovative practices in graduate training.  The first of these was the Annual NRT Teams Meeting, which brought together students, faculty and coordinators from all current NRT programs.  The meeting website contains a number of valuable resources including links to panel presentations as well as crowd-sourced notes from each session. Sessions focused on helping NRT programs enhance community, sustainability, scalability, and evaluation techniques.  

The second event, Future STEM Leaders, brought together experts from academia, government, foundations, and industry to exchange ideas and share innovations in graduate training. The event website contains materials relating to innovative practices in graduate training, including panel presentations, crowd-sourced notes, and a showcase of NRT programs from across the U.S.