DJ Bolger

Department: Human Development

Interests: cognitive neuroscience, literacy

Jordan Boyd-Graber

Department: College of Information Studies

Interests: computational linguistics, statistical models of language learning

Allen Braun

Department: Chief, Language & Speech Unit, National Institute for Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD/NIH)

Interests: cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, language disorders

Hal Daume III

Department: Computer Science

Interests: computational linguistics, machine translation, machine learning

Robert DeKeyser

Department: Second Language Acquisition

Interests: interlanguage variability, individual differences in language learning, aptitude-treatment interaction, cognitive psychology of language acquisition, critical period phenomena, monitoring processes, effects of study abroad.

Bonnie Dorr

Department: Computer Science & UMIACS

Interests: broadscale multilingual processing, interlingual machine translation, summarization, linguistically-informed statistical models.

Michael Dougherty

Department: Psychology

Interests: cognitive psychology, memory, decision processes, executive control, language processing

Cathy Doughty

Department: CASL and Second Language Acquisition

Interests: aptitude for language learning, instructed second language acquisition, technology and language training

Carol Espy-Wilson

Department: Electrical Engineering & ISR

Interests: digital speech processing

Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah

Department: Hearing and Speech Sciences

Interests: aphasia, cognitive neuroscience, billingualism and multilingualism

Naomi Feldman

Department: Linguistics

Interests: computational psycholinguistics, phonetics/phonology, language acquisition

Kira Gor

Department: Second Language Acquisition, and Associate Dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Interests: acquisition of second language phonology and morphology; cognitive aspects of phonological and morphological processing in Russian as a native or second language; foreign language pedagogy.

Matt Goupell

Department: Hearing and Speech Sciences

Interests:cochlear implants, binaural hearing, neural/computational models, speech understanding

Valentine Hacquard

Department: Linguistics

Interests: semantics (modality, tense, aspect, propositional attitudes, degree constructions), syntax/semantics and semantics/pragmatics interfaces, language acquisition, theory of mind, cognitive neuroscience

Norbert Hornstein

Department: Linguistics

Interests: syntax, semantics

Yi Ting Huang

Department:Hearing and Speech Sciences

Interests:language acquisition, psycholinguistics, development of semantics-pragmatics interface

Bill Idsardi

Department: Linguistics

Interests: phonology, psycholinguistics, first and second language acquisition, cognitive neuroscience

Catherine Ingold

Department: National Foreign Language Center

Interests: romance linguistics, French, language acquisition

Michael Israel

Department: English

Interests: semantics, pragmatics, cognitive linguistics

Scott Jackson

Department: CASL

Interests: prosodic structure, information structure, psycholinguistic processing, electroencephalography (EEG), the role of EEG in second language acquisition and evaluation

Nan Jiang

Department: Second Language Acquisition

Interests: psycholinguistic processes in second language acquisition: bilingual language processing, lexical representation and development, language transfer, the integration of linguistic knowledge in adult L2 learning; relationship between language and thought

Howard Lasnik

Department: Linguistics

Interests: syntax, learnability

Ellen Lau

Department: Linguistics

Interests: cognitive neuroscience, psycholinguistics, neurocognitive disorders

Jeffrey Lidz

Department: Linguistics

Interests: language acquisition, psycholinguistics, syntax

Jimmy Lin

Department: College of Information Studies & UMIACS

Interests: computational linguistics, information retrieval, cloud computing

Michael Long

Department: Second Language Acquisition

Interests: second language acquisition; maturational constraints on learning; fossilization, feedback, aptitude, research methods in SLA, task-based language teaching.

Jeff MacSwan

Department: TLPL, Education

Interests: bilingualism, grammatical theories of codeswitching, language minority education

Melinda Martin-Beltran

Department: TLPL, Education

Interests: sociocultural approaches to second language acquisition, peer interaction, multilingual/language minority education

Alene Moyer

Department: SLLC

Interests: second language phonology, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, instructional methodologies, and the structure and acquisition of German

Rochelle Newman

Department: Hearing and Speech Sciences

Interests: speech perception, language acquisition, word recognition, speech production, stream segregation

Jared Novick

Department:HESP, CASL

Interests: cognitive neuroscience and psycholinguistics, cognitive control, real-time sentence processing in reading and spoken comprehension, ambiguity resolution and constraint satisfaction, individual differences, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology of language, eye-tracking during scene perception as it relates to spoken language comprehension

Doug Oard

Department: College of Information Studies & UMIACS

Interests: computational linguistics: cross-language information retrieval, speech retrieval, information filtering

Polly O'Rourke

Department: CASL

Interests: psycholinguistics, ERP and spectral EEG research in language processing, bilingualism, spanish linguistics

Megan Madigan Peercy

Department: TLPL, Education

Interests: teacher preparation and development for teaching language learners, theory-practice relationship in language teacher education, teachers' academic language and literacy practices with language learners

Colin Phillips

Department: Linguistics

Interests: psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, language acquisition, syntax

Paul Pietroski

Department: Linguistics & Philosophy

Interests: semantics, philosophy of language, language acquisition

Nan Bernstein Ratner

Department: Hearing and Speech Sciences

Interests: language acquisition, role of input in language learning, stuttering, parent-child interaction

Elizabeth Redcay

Department: Psychology

Interests: developmental cognitive neuroscience

James Reggia

Department: Computer Science & UMIACS

Interests: neural computation, artificial life, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence

Philip Resnik

Department: Linguistics & UMIACS

Interests: computational linguistics: machine translation, sentiment analysis, computational psycholinguistics, crowdsourcing

Kellie Rolstad

Department: TLPL, Education

Interests:language attitudes and language prejudice in school contexts, language program evaluation research, alternative schooling.

Steven Ross

Department: CASL and Second Language Acquisition

Interests: discourse analyses of oral proficiency interviews, the influence of metalinguistic knowledge on proficiency growth, language attrition, and modeling proficiency growth over time

Meredith Rowe

Department: Human Development

Interests: language acquisition, literacy and gesture

David Sawyer

Department: Communication, Graduate Studies in Interpreting & Translation

Interests: interpreting and translation, interpreter training, European languages

Mary Ellen Scullen

Department: French, SLLC

Interests: french linguistics, second language acquisition and pedagogy, and theoretical phonology

Shihab Shamma

Department: Electrical Engineering & ISR

Interests: auditory neuroscience, neurocomputational models of auditory and speech processes

Rebecca Silverman

Department: TLPL, Education

Interests: language, literacy and learning disabilities

Jonathan Simon

Department: Electrical Engineering & Biology

Interests: biological signal processing, auditory neuroscience

Bob Slevc

Department: Psychology, CASL

Interests: psycholinguistics, aphasia, language production

Juan Uriagereka

Department: Linguistics, and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Interests: syntax, semantics, evolution of language

Min Wang

Department: Human Development

Interests: language and reading acquisition; cross-language writing system comparisons; second language/bilingual literacy development

Amy Weinberg

Department: CASL, Linguistics & UMIACS

Interests: sentence processing from a psycholinguistic and computational perspective, syntax

Alexander Williams

Department: Linguistics & Philosophy

Interests: verb semantics; philosophy of language; languages of China; categorial and tree-adjoining grammars

Andrea Zukowski

Department: Linguistics

Interests: neurocognitive disorders, language acquisition