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Winter Storm 2019

We are now inviting the UMD Language Science community to submit your plans for Winter Storm 2019, which will be Tuesday January 15 - Thursday January 24! This year's Winter Storm will be a shared time for our community to develop research and professional skills through writing bees, reading groups, methodological workshops, and presentations.

How to participate:

Winter Storm is a grassroots initiative--members of the community propose groups/sessions/discussions/workshops around ideas of current interest that they would be interested in running, and our committee will work them into a schedule of events and handle the large-scale logistics. We have heard many great ideas brewing already this year!

Just email us with a brief description (~50 words) of your proposed session by November 12 so that we have enough time to make a schedule that fits everyone’s needs. Note that we welcome all proposals, including those for more focused sessions/groups in any area of language science in addition to those that are more cross-cutting and interdisciplinary.

Also, we are looking at the possibility of bringing in one or more outside speakers for this year's Winter Storm, and are thinking about people who have interesting work to talk about and who would be a good catalyst for discussion across different parts of our community (and might be willing to come on relatively short notice). If you have suggestions, please send them our way!

The organizing committee:

Yi Ting Huang (HESP)
Ellen Lau (LING)
Alexander Williams (LING)