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Second Language Acquisition

1. Catherine Doughty (CASL): Hi-Lab, the measurement of language aptitude, and ATI studies

2. Megan Masters: Predictors and pathways to proficiency

1. Tom Wagner: Second language aptitude and language categorization

2. Beth Mackey: Aptitude as a predictor of individual differences in language proficiency growth    

1. Susan Benson: Focus on meaning and form in second-language vocabulary learning

2. Kyoko Kobayashi Hillman: Needs analysis and development of a TBLT module for US foreign service officers

1. Ilina Stojanovska: Input frequency and intensity of exposure in the incidental learning of L2 collocations

2. Jiyong Lee: Recasts and target structure salience

1. Sunhee Kim: Do bilinguals activate orthographically different languages in a single language task? (Practice conference presentation)

2. Payman Vafaee: Re-examining the role of explicit information in Processing Instruction: Bridging a methodological gap (Qualifying paper defense)

Language aptitude and implicit learning ability in longitudinal associative learning


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