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Language Science Center

Photo gallery from the Winter Storm 2015 two-week language science workshop.

Photos from Language Science Day 2014


Meaning Through the Ages


Paulina Lyskawa (LING) & Bethany Dickerson (UMass)

Phonological representation in two laryngeal systems


Assisting Interpreters with Technical Terms

Abstract: To assist simultaneous interpreters with their work, one needs to find a balance between providing useful information and minimizing distraction. This talk will discuss a simple method for detecting and translating technical terms and a crowdsourced experiment to determine whether the method strikes the right balance for interpreter assistance--without actually using interpreters.


Lunch served by 12:15. 

TitleImproving access to bilingual education in DC at the DC Language Immersion Project

Lunch served at 12:15. 

TItle: How to use context for phonetic learning and perception

Title: Outputs as inputs: Sequential model of the products of infant “statistical learning” of language

The 9th annual Language Science Day is scheduled for Friday, October 5, 2018.


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