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Language Disorders

Shameka Stanford


The Power of Communication and the Role of Speech-Language Pathology in Social and Youth Justice

Title: Examples of translational research from a community-based aphasia center


Title: "An investigation of aging and speech recognition performance under difficult working memory conditions"


Language Science Day 2014

LSD marked the 1-year anniversary of the Maryland Language Science Center, showcasing many ideas and initiatives launched over the past year.

Language is directly relevant to many areas of public health and medicine.

Each Fall, Language Science Day (LSD) brings together up to 200 students and faculty from across the University and affiliated centers, providing opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, showcase new or ongoing projects, find out about research and training opportunities, spark potential collaborations, and get to know their fellow language scientists.

Learning a language as a child seems effortless; as an adult, it can be burdensome. Why?

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