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Language Acquisition

Title: The role of prenatal experience in early speech processing and language acquisition

Title: Infants' understanding of speech as a tool

Abstract: Infants seem to understand that others have internal states that underlie observable behaviour. What is their understanding about how these internal states can be updated? Specifically, do infants understand that speech can serve as a tool to update the internal states of others? I'll describe data suggesting they do, and that they also understand some constraints on the updating of internal states.

12:20pm - lunch served
12:45pm - talk
1:30pm - Q&A

Title: Bilingual Children’s Language and Literacy Development: Home and Classroom Factors

Abstract: TBD

Title: Precursors of logical reasoning in preverbal infants

Title: Life at the edge of the lexicon: Productive knowledge and direct experience in language processing and acquisition.

Title: Bigger data about smaller people: Studying children's language learning at scale. 

Title: How mother, father, and caregiver language input predicts children’s concurrent and later development

Bio: Lynne Vernon-Feagans is the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Early Childhood, Intervention and Literacy, and Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

Maryland language scientists are used to the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration - but rarely sit down to discuss language science with psychoanalysts and children’s book authors. At the end of April, Colin Phillips did just that as part of a prestigious roundtable on 'The Mind of a Child' at the Helix Center for Interdisciplinary Investigation in New York.

Title: Proper treatment of experience in learning language


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