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Identifying a code-switch: exploring methods for studying the use of prosodic and phonetic cues


Bilingual Code-switching: Exploring Variation in Comprehension Costs

Abstract: Bilinguals experience costs during comprehension when there is a switch between languages—taking longer to process a “code-switch” than single-language input. However, the magnitude of these comprehension costs varies. In this talk, I present data from a study that attempts to explain variation in code-switch comprehension costs.


Coarticulation, compensation, and language change


Lauren Salig (NACS, Language Science Fellow) will be defending her MS thesis remotely.

Title: The Role of Cognitive Control in Bilingual Code-switch Comprehension


Re-Building a Foundation for Reimagined Futurities in Dual-Language Education


“Technically an EL”: Race, Language and the Construction of Deficiency


A recording of this LSLT is now available here.


What Translanguaging Can Tell Us About Bilingual Language Control: Evidence from Spontaneous Codeswitching

Bilingualism is the norm, not the exception: How using two or more languages shapes the mind and the brain and reflects society itself

Presentation via Skype

Two languages in mind: How a second language comes to change the native language, the mind, and the brain


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