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Language Science Center faculty -  Philip Resnik (Linguistics, UMIACS), Marine Carpuat (Computer Science, UMIACS), and Hal Daume (Computer Science, UMIACS) - join Douglas Oard (iSchool) on a four-year $14.4M Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) grant.

On November 19th, scores of language scientists joined members of the wider campus community to hear Jeff Lidz, Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, answer the timeless question: “Are Children Human? (The View from Language Acquisition)”. The room was filled to capacity as Jeff showed how familiar examples of children’s language use demonstrate knowledge of complex linguistic structure, and how humans’ understanding of quantity words like 'most' reveals that language meaning is built not only from experience but is shaped by the human mind.

A team of faculty in the Department of Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education (CHSE) has been awarded a U.S. Department of Education Leadership Preparation grant.

Congratulations to Jeff MacSwan, who was recently named a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association!

The National Science Foundation has announced that the University of Maryland’s Language Science Center (LSC) will receive a $3M grant for innovative research and graduate training.

What have we learned?

The IGERT Program is UMD’s only award through the National Science Foundation’s flagship interdisciplinary graduate training program.

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