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Theme 1: Language Poverty and Learner Differences


Day 8: Model Evaluation & Presentation Preparation

Day 7: Participants continue working with their groups on implementing their model extensions.

Day 6: Implementing Word Learning Model Extension

Groups work independently to implement their extension to the word learning model explored in the previous week.

Day 5: Designing an extension

Participants split into groups and begin formalizing a question to be answered by their next iteration of the word learning model.

Day 4: Computational Modeling Resources

Learn how to effectively choose the right tools for the job, and how to share information with colleagues through the wiki.

Day 3: Word Learning Model

Participants explore a model of word learning, then interactively evaluate the model through the use of the statistical package R.

Day 2: Examining Assumptions

Explore typical modeling assumptions, types of assumptions, and illuminate core relationships between those assumptions and the purpose of the model under development.


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