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Photo gallery from the Winter Storm 2015 two-week language science workshop.

Online collection of experimental data is becoming more and more common, and makes it possible to collect large amounts of data in very little time, speeding up experimental research and pre-testing, e.g., for acquisition or neuroscience studies. However, experiment implementation options are largely quite limited in what they can do, or rather expensive, resulting in many researchers creating their own code for custom-solutions.

Join us for our 9th annual Language Science Day! More details available on the event page

Please register by September 29. 

Are you interested in applying to the Language Science Fellows (LSF) program? Join us at the LSC for a brief overview of the program and information about the application process. Shevaun Lewis (coordinator of the LSF program and the NRT grant) and Colin Phillips (LSC Director and PI of the NRT grant) will be present to answer any questions. 

Come learn about how the student Outreach Committee has been spreading the gospel about language science, and find out how you can get involved. Lunch will be provided!

All of us use the internet to look up researchers and their work. Have you considered what people will see when they run a search for you and your work? In this workshop, we discuss ways how students can build a better online presence and how you can get started. We discuss personal websites, social media, and professional networking websites like Academia.edu and ResearchGate. Food will be served.


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