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Winter Storm

Photo gallery from the Winter Storm 2015 two-week language science workshop.


Talk and discussion will last one hour. At 3:30 we will have a brief Q&A with Ewan about his career path since completing his PhD at UMD.

Modelling early language acquisition from raw speech data


Talk and discussion will last one hour. At 3:30 we will have a brief Q&A with Susan about her career path since completing her PhD at UMD.

Persistence and Control during Recognition of Speech in Noise

With the paint barely dry in LSC’s new home in HJ Patterson Hall, Winter Storm 2017 showed what is possible when an engaged grassroots community is combined with a space that is designed for collaboration.

The 9th annual Winter Storm will be a great opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and learn from fellow language scientists. The workshop will feature sessions on career development, outreach and research communication, and technical skills, as well as faculty talks, interdisciplinary research group discussions, and social activities. The last day (January 20) will be a special Day of Action, devoted to crafting matterials to influence policymakers at all levels, and inform the general public. 

The house party location is 2 miles away from campus.  We call for volunteers for carpooling on the 22nd, and if you need a ride, please let the Winter Storm Committee know!  Dinner is provided, and please bring something to drink. 


Workshop on outreach strategies led by the LSC outreach committee.


Theme 2: Flexible Speech Recognition

Follow-Up A: How do we do the science?

The Follow-up sessions are designed to build productively upon the ideas generated in the roundtable discussions, while simultaneously exercising skills in thinking about scientific ideas at two different levels:


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