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Title: Eggs to Chickens, Soybeans to Tofu: Turning Your LSC Blog Ideas into Savory Stories

The Professional Development Committee is hosting a workshop on blogging! We are going to work together to generate content--specifically for the new LSC blog--and transform ideas into clicks! Lunch will be served.

Come learn about how the student Outreach Committee has been spreading the gospel about language science, and find out how you can get involved. Lunch will be provided!

Chris Heffner with children at AAAS Family Science Days.


In the current political climate, UMD language scientists are more motivated than ever to reach out to non-scientists and advocate to decision makers on issues related to language science. We’re off to a running start with three events in January and February.

You’ll find it all at the University of Maryland’s one-day open house featuring family-friendly and interactive events. Come explore our world of Fearless Ideas and see all that we do to the best for our community, the state and the world.

Maryland Day is packed with exciting events and exhibits in six “learning neighborhoods” spread across campus. The Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Language Science communities will be hosting several exhibits.

Photos from the Neuro, Cognitive, and Language Science tent at Maryland Day, April 25, 2015.

Photos from Paint Branch High School visit to campus, Spring 2015.

Local high school students competed in the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad at UMD on January 29.

Why do language science outreach? Outreach enthusiasts from several universities share advice, tips, and tricks for do-it-yourself-ers at LSA 2015.

Winter has arrived, and close on its heels is the Winter Storm workshop!  Winter Storm is a free annual two-week intensive workshop for Language Scientists.

UMD Student Outreach at Dulles Town Center

Hands-on demos and symposia at national conferences promote broad engagement in language science outreach.

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