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New e-mail reflectors helping to connect the Maryland language science community

The launch of the Maryland Language Science Center in September 2013 raised the need to ease communication among the 200+ language scientists at the University of Maryland. For this purpose we have reorganized our existing email reflectors to better reflect the Center’s and researchers’ communication needs. The following reflectors can be used to send out information to the community; all reflectors continue with @umd.edu:

A. Student groups

languagescience_students – comprised of all students (graduate or undergraduate) interested in receiving information and participating in language science activities, lectures, presentations, or research, and in receiving news about these activities. Post-bac researchers are included in this group. This list contains the following sub-group as well:

languagescience_fellows – comprised of graduate students that are full members of the Language Science Fellows program (including all  students who are currently full IGERT program students). This list is specifically intended for business relating to the student training program, such as volunteer recruiting, evaluations, surveys, committee communications, or any other program-related needs.

B. Faculty and Researcher groups:

languagescience_faculty – comprised of faculty members and research scientists from across the university who are interested in language science and in learning about recent news, events and activities organized through the Maryland Language Science Center or that are otherwise relevant. This list includes the following sub-group:

languagescience_mentors – comprised of faculty members that are involved in mentoring graduate students in the language science fellows program/IGERT program. This list is mainly designed to be used for program-related ‘internal’ communications that need to reach this sub-group of faculty members.

C. languagescience_all – comprised of all the student, faculty and researcher groups named above and designed to be used to distribute announcements about news, events, research, that are of wide interest for the entire community of students and faculty involved in language science on the University of Maryland Campus. This list goes out to 200+ recipients, so please consider whether your message is suitable for this group or for a narrower audience.

If you would like to be added to the student or faculty list, please contact Csilla Kajtar, briefly explaining your status and your reason for joining the list; umd.edu addresses are preferred.