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Anti-bias workshop on November 12

REGISTER HERE: ter.ps/wertheim


How can we address bias in the workplace? One of the best remedies is to understand, in a foundational way, how bias is expressed in interpersonal interactions.

This training uses linguistic anthropology to lay out a clear framework of everyday bias. We will focus on three important components of speech-event analysis in order to unpack how bias is encoded. We will then examine the non-neutrality of language, and how it relates to the frequent gap between intent (good) and impact (not so good). And we will close with analysis and discussion of real-world examples of problematic interactions in academic workplaces.


Dr. Suzanne Wertheim is Founder and CEO of Worthwhile Research & Consulting. After getting her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Berkeley, she held faculty positions at Northwestern, University of Maryland, and UCLA. In 2011, she left the university system in order to apply her expertise to real-world problems. She now specializes in analyzing and fixing workplace culture, especially around issues of bias and communication.

This workshop is organized and sponsored by the Maryland Language Science Center, with additional support from the Department of Hearing & Speech Sciences, the Department of Linguistics, the Department of Communications, the Program in Second Language Acquisition, and the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing (CLIP) Lab.

Breakout discussion handout

My Bias Checklist handout