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Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with the Language Science Center, whether you're based at the University of Maryland, or nearby in the Washington D.C area, or are a language science enthusiast anywhere around the world.

Undergraduates: enroll in an undergraduate program in a language science field, join the PULSAR program, do a research internship.

Graduate students: enroll in a graduate program in a language science field, join the Language Science Fellows program, attend our events (especially Winter Storm), give a lunch talk, participate in outreach activities, join a student leadership team, and many more possibilities.

Research staff: join our mailing list, mentor a student from one of our interdisciplinary programs...

Faculty: become an LSC faculty member, co-teach an interdisciplinary course, participate in an outreach event, join an LSC faculty team, tell LSC about your news, attend a lunch talk or Winter Storm, mentor a student in one of LSC's interdisciplinary programs, contribute to a joint grant proposal, include a link on your website...

Visiting students and faculty: come for Winter Storm, or for a semester, take part in our events, use our research facilities.

Public, including high schoolers: do a research internship (high schoolers), explore Langscape, visit our tent at Maryland Day, enroll your child for studies via the Infant and Child Studies Consortium.

Alumni and friends: sign up to LSC's mailing list, become a Langscape user or contributor, follow LSC on Facebook or Twitter, give to support LSC programs, come visit us...

To join LSC's mailing list, send an email to LSC@umd.edu